jennifer morrison at the OUAT S4 premiere


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The awesome cast of OUAT (x)


some of the ouat cast in the s4 premiere 

You know why I like the dance scene so much? Because it’s a beautiful metaphor of what their lives have been together.

When they first meet, both Booth & Brennan tried to force the other into their own direction. Booth intended to pull Brennan in by showing her kindness and gentleness, while Brennan wanted to do the same with him but using logic and rationality instead. When they were rehearsing their dance something similar happened, as they both compited to impose their own ideas and make the other one give in. At the end they decided to concede and dance as a true pair, finding a point of balance in order to reach their goal. They did the same thing at their professional and personal life, they realised they had to learn from the other and accept their differences if they ever wanted their partnership to work, and eventually their relationship. To sum things up, they learned how to dance together through life, that’s why Booth says: “It’s never gonna end, it’s always gonna be just like this” (x)

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